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About us

With more than 25 years of experience in corporate & private events planning, production, and entertainment, KIWI Events is proud to be your natural destination in the event world.

KIWI Events is a professional full-service company dedicated to go above and beyond your highest expectations. Our lush, growing portfolio is a statement of the successes we share with our most treasured clients.

At KIWI Events, it’s not only our job to create your most successful and unforgettable project, it’s our passion.

Our vision

With our enthusiastic and reliable team of event and marketing professionals, we are dedicated to creating “awe-inspiring” experienced that make lifetime moments”.

Our mission is to provide exceptional, dynamic, stress-free, and precious projects for KIWI’s cherished clients and their guests to enjoy.

Our mission

At KIWI Events we’ve mastered the skill of listening to your own vision of a perfect project, while putting all our extensive expertise at your fingertip.

From selecting the ideal venue, to meticulous attention to event details, to creating an inspirational theme, our mission is to meet and exceed your expectations, providing all the support you need to translate your dream into an iconic reality.